Jewish culture thrives on campus with new Hillel House by India Amos Paul Silver ’75, who currently works as an associate professor of medicine at George Washington University, attended Kenyon at a time when there were not only fewer Jewish students on campus, but also no designated place for them to practice their religion or culture. “The genesis [of Jewish organizations on campus] was probably Marc Goldstein [’72] and I,” Silver said. Silver and Goldstein started the Union of Jewish Students: Dar’Khey Yisrael, a group that made way for Hillel, the world’s largest Jewish student organization, to come to campus. Dar’Khey Yisrael, which, according toRead More →

From Kenyon News – July 8, 2015 A new Office of Spiritual and Religious Life at Kenyon recognizes the need for mutual understanding, spiritual comfort and the exploration of religions and their narratives. In creating the office, President Sean Decatur also named Marc Bragin, Jewish chaplain for the College, as office director, effective July 1. The College, working with the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio and the Church of the Holy Spirit, also is re-establishing an Episcopal chaplaincy in the context of the new office. “The rich diversity of life at Kenyon includes students, faculty and staff of a number of religions and spiritual beliefs, andRead More →

From Kenyon News – October 20, 2014 A reception for the new Rothenberg Hillel House will take place Friday, Oct. 24, at 5 p.m. at the house, followed by a dedication at 6 p.m. The events are open to the public. Bloomfield Architects, headed by Peter Bloomfield ’73, constructed the building to complement the look of its new neighbor, the Cox Health and Counseling Center, designed by Gund Partnership. The Hillel House features a chapel, storage for an ark and Torah, and two separate kitchens for kosher cooking and for those who keep halal. Services ushering in Rosh Hashanah marked the first official events atRead More →