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A Letter from Jewish Chaplain Marc Bragin

We are delighted that you are taking the time and interest to look at Kenyon College Hillel and Jewish life on campus.  Kenyon Hillel embraces people representing a wide range of backgrounds.  In coordination with the Division of Student Affairs, we seek to build community among students, faculty, administration and local residents of Knox County.

Rooted in the tradition of many approaches to Judaism, we strive to create opportunities for exploration and discovery.  Jewish life is largely shaped by the enormous range and variety of students’ questions and interests.  This diversity is reflected in a broad spectrum of religious, educational, cultural, political and social activities that is offered via Kenyon College Hillel.

Your input and creativity are always welcomed and encouraged.  College is a time to explore and discover who you are, and we aim to provide as many resources and as much information as possible so that this path is filled with meaning and depth.  We strive to maintain an inclusive atmosphere on campus that supports the coexistence of distinct cultural and religious groups while also promoting opportunities to venture out, observe and learn.

Please feel free to contact me by phone or email or stop by my office in Hillel.  Thank you for choosing Kenyon, we are thrilled to begin this partnership and look forward to getting to know you during your time here.

Warm Regards,

Marc W. Bragin
Jewish Chaplain

Upcoming Events

Kenyon Hillel has ongoing events throughout the academic year, including weekly Shabbat dinners and holiday programs. Contact us at Hillel for details.

Hillel wishes everyone who is graduating a "Mazel Tov"

More information will be announced for the First Shabbat Dinner and the High Holy Days for Fall 2023.